Saturday, June 11, 2016

Forever Love

Dear Lord,


Young love ...

Forever love...

A few years ago my hair stylist who was also a pastor told me about this book the power of a praying wife, I read the book and it changed my marriage the most important lesson from that book was to learn how to not only pray for your self but to pray for your husband.Marriage is work and if you stop working you will not get the results you want. I know you probably heard this before but communication is the key, make sure you hash it out no matter what or it will become to much and last but not least stay in like this makes staying in LOVE much easier on he tough days. #lovewins 

          Thanks for Reading  



  1. Aww this makes me happy #blacklove great job !!!!

  2. Very wise words and I use the Power of a Praying Wife devotional - it's a must have in your personal library. 🙌🏾